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Administration Logs


Admin Change Logs maintain time stamped logs of administrative changes in Commerce and Configuration. All add, update, delete and deploy events in these modules are recorded with the details of the user that performed them. They are maintained for add, update, delete and deploy events.

By default, the log of the current month is displayed in reverse chronological order so that the most recent information is on the top and oldest information is at the bottom. The FullAccess user can search for logs between a given period of time or by the last 6 months. After searching for logs, the results can be downloaded in CSV format.


ClosedSearching for Administration Logs

  1. ClosedNavigate to the Administration Logs page.
    1. Click Admin to go to the Admin Home Page.

    2. Click Administration Logs in the Developer Tools section.

      The Administration Logs page appears.

  2. Do one of the following:

    Select the Month for which the log has to be displayed from the drop-down.


    Specify the Start Date and End Date.

  3. Click Search to search for logs within the specified time period.
  4. View the logs.

ClosedDownloading Administration Logs

  1. When viewing administration logs, click Download Results in CSV Format.



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