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Favorites List


Favorites allows each user to list their favorite products and/or parts for quick access and quote creation in a Favorites List.

Favorite lists are maintained independently of catalog and parts. Because of this separation, products in the Favorites list can become out of sync with the catalog products/parts they reference. The update functionality ensures that a user's Favorites list is synchronized with the catalog and parts. These updates ensure that products on the Favorites List display current catalog information. The update engine verifies product attributes, pricing, and availability.

The update engine can only calculate pricing information on products with still-supported configurations. When products have new or modified configurable attributes, you can set the engine to skip over them during the update process. This speeds up Favorite List updates, but it also forces users to reconfigure those products before purchase.

The Favorites List updates its display to the user in several ways. Certain updates appear without any user notification, like pricing and product attribute changes. Other updates change the status of items on the Favorites List, such as products that are no longer available or that must be reconfigured.

ClosedStatus Values

A status column on the Favorites List informs users whether products have changed since they were added to the list. Status is represented graphically with or without (for normal status) an icon. You can customize the status icons that display.


ClosedAccessing the Update Favorites List page

  1. Click Admin to go to the Admin Home Page.
  2. Click Favorites List in the General section.

    The Update Favorites List page appears.

ClosedManaging Favorites

The Update Favorites List page is used to update the product data displayed on the Commerce Favorites list. You can tag items for reconfiguration or change the status icons the system uses to indicate changes to the Commerce Favorites list before performing an update.

  1. Schedule a Favorites List Update:
  1. Sort the Scheduled Tasks list alphabetically by column.
  1. Select the Scheduled Task to delete by clicking the checkbox in the Delete column and clicking Refresh.

    You can delete the scheduled task to cancel the process before a Favorites List update begins. While an update is happening, it is not possible to stop the process.

  2. Click Browse to select the Favorites List Images. Upload the image.
  3. Select the items that should not be updated in the Flag Equipment and Parts for Reconfiguration section.

    To do this, navigate to the items that have different supported configurations by clicking a Link and marking all parts for reconfiguration. Or, navigate through the products hierarchy and mark select products.

  4. Click Update Flags on each page with selected items to save your selection.
  5. Click Back to return to the Admin Home Page.

ClosedCreating a "Copy to Favorites" Action Button in Commerce

  1. ClosedNavigate to the Document List page.
    1. Click Admin to go to the Admin Home Page.
    2. Click Process Definition in the Commerce and Documents section.

      The Processes page appears.

    3. With Documents selected in the Navigation column, click List.

      The Document List page appears.

  2. For the Main Document/Quote, select Actions in the Navigation column.

      The Copy to Favorites action is only available on the Main Document/Quote.

  3. Click List.

    The Action List page appears.

  4. Click Add, located at the bottom of the Action List page.

    The Admin Action page appears.

  5. Enter the title in the Label field; the Variable Name field will auto-populate.

    The entry in the Labelfield will appear to the end user. Be brief, but descriptive.

  6. Select Copy to Favorites as the Action Type.
  7. Click Add.
  8. Click Save and Edit Desktop Layout.

    The Desktop Layout Editor appears, where the Copy to Favorites action button can be added. For more information about using this editor, see Layout Editor Overview.htm.

ClosedCreating an "Add to Favorites" Action Button in Configuration

  1. ClosedNavigate to the Page List page.
    1. Click Admin to go to the Admin Home Page.

    2. Click Process Invocation in the Commerce and Documents section.

      The Page List page appears.

  2. For your desired Page, click its name in the Page Title column.

    The Action List page appears.

  3. Click Add.

    The Create/Edit Action page appears.

  4. Enter the Name and Description. The entry in the Name field will appear to the end user. Be brief, but descriptive.

  5. Choose Favorites List as the Action Type.
  6. Click Add.

    You return to the Action List page.

  7. Ensure the Navigation item User Access Rights is selected.

  8. Click List.

    The Access Rights Editor page appears.

    1. From within this page you can manage which users have access to the Add to Favorites button. Users will see the Add to Favorites button once they reach the End Node of the Configuration Flow.
  9. Add at least one item to the Access Rights field.

  10. Click Update.

    The Action List page appears.

  11. Click Back.

    The Page List page appears.

  12. In the Select column, mark the page to which you added the action and then click Deploy.

    Users will see the Add to Favorites button once they reach the End Node of the Configuration Flow.

ClosedSharing Favorites

You can share Favorites by placing them in a shared Folder.

  1. Navigate to Favorites.
  2. Click Edit to access "Admin Folders".

    You can create, rename, or delete folders from here.

  3. Select the Share checkbox.

  4. Click Update.
  5. Click the Share link beneath Permissions.

    The Add Folder Permissions page appears.

  6. Add/remove shared permissions by group.

Permission Description
View Gives users access to the folder.
Add Allows users to add their own Favorites to the folder.
      Only a Full Access user with "Permission to Create/Modify Users" or a SuperUser can create a Shared Folder.

      Only the creator of the Folder can move and delete Favorites from the folder.

      Only the creator of a Favorite can rename or reconfigure the Favorite.

ClosedVerifying Favorites List Updates

You can verify Favorites List updates by viewing the email notification generated when an update process finishes. The system sends a confirmation email to the email address specified for the update. Confirmation emails contain the number of products processed, the number of items that no longer exist in the catalog, and the number of items that now need to be reconfigured before purchase.

ClosedAdding the Favorites Link to the Header

  1. ClosedNavigate to the Navigation Menus page.
    1. Click Admin to go to the Admin Home Page.
    2. Click Navigation Menus in the General section.

      The Navigation Menus page appears.

  2. Click the List Links button next to the Subheader navigation menu.

    The Navigation Items List - Subheader page appears.

  3. Click Customize Menus.

    The Customize Links for Subheader page appears.

  4. Select which level of Access Rights will have visibility to these buttons once they are added.

  5. Select which user type you wish to add the link for by selecting the link from the Hidden Links list and clicking Add.
  6. Click Apply.
  7. Return to the Navigation Menus page.
  8. Click Deploy.

ClosedRenaming Configuration Favorites

  1. Click Favorites.

    The Favorites page appears.

  2. In the Label column click the link for the Configuration favorite you want to rename.

    The Favorite Detail page appears.

  3. Change the value in the Label field.

    This is the value that will appear on the Favorites page.

  4. Click Rename.

    The name has been changed.


In order to debug some Rules (such as a Recommendation Rule), the debugger requires you to have a "Favorite Item ID". If an invalid ID is entered, the following error occurs: 

ClosedCreating a Favorite Item ID

  1. Navigate to Favorites.

  2. Locate your desired Model or Part.
  3. In the Label column click the Model or Part link.
  4. Locate the "id = XXX" section of the URL.

  5. Copy and paste this number into the Debugger.

    The information from that Configuration will be loaded to test for the Rule you are debugging.

    1. Ensure "Favorites" are enabled on the site where you are performing the debugging when locating your Favorite Item ID.

      Sometimes in the URL, there will be 2 "id = " numbers. Use the 1st id; it should be 7 digits long.



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