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Finding the Transaction ID


When you are creating functions, writing BML code, or configuring Document Templates, use a Transaction ID to test your work.

A Transaction ID is the internal reference to a quote, or transaction, that tells the function, code, template, and so on, which quote to use when testing or previewing the work you are doing.


ClosedFinding the Transaction ID in Source Code

  1. Go to the Quote Manager.
  2. Select a pending quote and open it.
  3. In your browser, view the page source.

    How to do this depends on your browser. For example, in Firefox, you could right-click on the page and choose View Page Source. In other browsers, select View > Source under the address bar.

  1. Type CTRL + F to open a Find box.
  2. Search for "transactionid" to locate the Transaction ID. The relevant section will look something like this:

    <span class='readonly-wrapper' id='readonly_1_transactionID_quote'>5040279</span>

ClosedFinding the Transaction ID in the Interface

  1. Go to any Quote or Transaction view, and open a Quote or Transaction.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the screen.

    The following appears:

    In the bottom left-hand corner there is a right-pointing triangle, used to expand the visible information.

  3. Click the triangle to see additional details about the quote or transaction.

    The following appears:

    The Transaction ID is in the upper left-hand corner of the additional details.



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