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Page Names and Descriptions

The following titled pages centrally serve data to a user. These page names are in the title bar. They cannot be changed.

Page Name Description
Part Search Results Displays a list of parts, after a user has conducted a parts search.
Part Display Displays part details. This page appears if a parts search results in a single return or if a user clicks a part number from the Parts Search Results page.
Part Associations Displays sub-parts associated with a part. This page appears after a user clicks on a part listed on the Part Display page.
Product Line List Displays a list of product lines, after a user has selected a product family or conducted a product line search.
Product Line Profile Displays product line details for a single product line. This page appears if a user selects a product line from the Product Line list page. Information here comes from the Product Line description.
Model Profile Displays model details for a single model. This page appears if a user clicks a model from the Model List page.
Model Configuration Displays configurable attributes for configurable models - what is typically referred to as Configuration. This page is accessible when a model has configurable attributes only. Process invocation buttons created for this page typically display on the last page of the configuration flow.
Favorites List Displays and maintains a list of products selected as Favorites. Users can add products to the Favorites list and then make purchases from the list.
Product Line Compare Displays a side-by-side comparison of product lines. Users can access this page from the Product Line List page, after selected a set of product lines to compare.
Recommended Items Displays recommended items/parts available for a single model. This is shows on the model configuration page, if recommended item rules are used to recommend mandatory or optional items for a configuration.
Bill of Materials for Serial Numbers Displays a BOM after a user clicks a serial number on the Serial Number Search Results page.
Multiple Parts Buy Allows users to submit quotes, orders or purchases for more than one part. This page is available when the Part Search Template is used on the commerce home page.