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Understanding CPQ Cloud


What is CPQ?

Configure, Price, and Quote (CPQ) is a process in the sales life cycle. Every business that sells complex products has a CPQ process in one way or another.

When a customer is interested in a product, the sales rep must configure the product to meet the customer’s request. When the product has been finalized, the sales rep has to price the product and get approval for that price. Finally, the sales rep must prepare a quote or proposal document to present or send to the customer.

If a business sells simple products with set prices, the CPQ process is already done. But enterprise businesses often have thousands of complex products, ever-changing pricing calculations, large proposal document templates and sales reps that don’t have the time to worry about it all.

If a product or pricing expert forgets to respond to an email, getting a quote to an interested customer can take weeks. Even when the proposal is complete, what ensures that the configured product is valid and that the pricing calculations are exact? Today’s enterprise business can’t rely on tribal knowledge and manual data entry to drive the CPQ process—the digital age requires a fast, automated CPQ process that produces 100% accurate quotes, every time.

The Proven Enterprise CPQ Solution

By purchasing Oracle CPQ Cloud (formerly BigMachines), your organization has realized that a fast, accurate CPQ process is mission-critical to succeeding in today’s constantly changing business landscape.

CPQ Cloud has hundreds of successful enterprise implementations out in the wild today, and is the only CPQ solution that is truly enterprise-ready. By integrating CPQ Cloud with CRM and ERP systems, customers can automate the entire lead-to-quote-to-cash process and eliminate manual data entry lag-time and errors.

Core to the basic premise of the CPQ Cloud application is the simplicity, speed, and ease of access of the cloud. Sales reps and admins simply need internet access and secure login credentials to access CPQ Cloud from anywhere in the world. As a result, our customers can rapidly implement and deploy CPQ Cloud globally.

For a more in-depth overview of the CPQ process and CPQ Cloud, see the CPQ Cloud eBook and the Introduction to CPQ Cloud video (video #4).

CPQ Cloud eBook Introduction to CPQ Cloud Video

The Role of the CPQ Cloud Administrator

As a CPQ Cloud implementer and/or admin, you will build and maintain a custom CPQ Cloud solution for your company. You will build product and pricing logic into the application so that it is always at the fingertips of sales reps that need it. You will automate previously-complex approval processes so that managers no longer have to worry about whose turn it is to approve the quote. You will create dynamic proposal templates that will produce accurate, professional quote documents with just one click.

Documentation and Training

Most of the documentation you’ll need to begin implementing and administering CPQ Cloud is contained within the online Help system. Additional documents, such as integration implementation guides and white papers, are linked to from within the Help. Additional resources, including release documentation, can be found on

Administration training through Oracle University is recommended for all CPQ Cloud admins. Training can be taken in class, via a live virtual class, or through the CPQ Cloud learning stream.

For more information on training and where to begin in your CPQ Cloud administration journey, contact your CPQ Cloud customer success manager.

CPQ Cloud Technical Overview

ClosedCPQ Cloud Technical Architecture

ClosedCPQ Cloud Solution Map


The CPQ Cloud Version page (also called the Site Information or Releases page) contains version, build, and copyright information regarding the CPQ Cloud site.

Field Description
Version The version of CPQ Cloud currently in use.
Release Date The date and time when the version was released.
Build Date The date and time when the site was built on the version.
Build Number The internal version number identifying the software.

ClosedAccessing the Version Page

  1. Click Admin to go to the Admin Home Page.
  2. On the Administration Platform header bar, click View CPQ Cloud Version.

    The Releases page appears.



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