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Data Table Change Log and Auditing


Use the Data Table Change Log to verify changes that have been made to the Data Tables in your CPQ Cloud implementation.

Download change logs for a particular Data Table, within a particular date and range, and according to criteria you define (for example, column x = XHDF). Up to 90 days of Data Table history can be stored.

The change log files are downloaded as .CSV files.

This is a paid feature. Contact your CPQ Cloud Customer Success Manager for pricing and feature enablement.

How Data Table Auditing Works

An audit record is created for every change to a Data Table.

Changes to the data type of a Data Table column are not recorded in the Data Table Change Log file.

Each modification to a Data Table record results in an audit record, or a row in the change log. Each individual row that is inserted, modified, deleted, or deployed results in a row in the change log.

If you are using Data Table Bulk Upload/Download, the logs will appear as if all data has been deleted and re-added.

Example: You have a Data Table with 100 rows. If you delete all the records and bulk upload a new table that also has 100 rows, you will see 200 rows in the change logs.

    Do NOT turn the Data Table Change Log feature on unless it is necessary. This feature can negatively affect the performance of Data Tables and bulk Data Table uploads.


ClosedUse Case: Price Changes for Certain Components

You work for a sandwich shop. Based on feedback from your patrons, you are removing the Cold Cut Coldie sandwich from your menu. You are also increasing the price of the Bacon Turkey Club sandwich. You want to confirm that the changes were made in the Data Tables.

  1. ClosedNavigate to the Download Category List page.
    1.  Click Admin to go to the Admin Home Page.
    2.  Click - Download under Bulk Data Services in the Utilities section.

      The Download Category List page appears.

  1. Select Data Table Audit from the Download Category List and then click Next.

    If you do not see Data Table Audit, you do not have this feature. Contact your CPQ Cloud Account Executive for pricing and feature enablement.

  1. In the Scheduled Download Date/Time field, specify a date and time to download the Data Table Audit.
  2. In the first row, select the name of the Data Table for which you want to download the Data Table Audit file from the Value drop-down.

    When you select a Data Table name, the following rows automatically populate with the columns in that table.

  1. To filter the change log data, enter data in the Value column for the row corresponding to the column in the Data Table. You can filter based on the table columns as well as the date the table was added.

  1. Click Download.

    The Download Status page appears, with a new row for your Data Table Change Log request.

  2. When the download is finished, double-click ScriptTableAudit in the Module column for your download request.

    A ZIP file dialog box appears.

  3. Open the ZIP file.
  1. Open the file and review the change log.

      The change log will show you table rows that have been changed and who changed them, but will not display previous values.

      An audit record is created for every change. If you filter a particular column value, you'll see all of the manipulations on that row.

      If data has not been updated within the last 90 days, no information will appear for that row.

    The log shows that the two changes have been made in the Data Table.



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