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Data Table Validation


You can validate Table Data by mapping Commerce and/or Configuration attributes to a Data Table column. When you add this functionality, the validation will determine if the Table Data is valid or invalid. Column data must match one menu value in the linked attribute.


ClosedSetting Up Data Table Validation

  1. ClosedNavigate to the Data Table Administration page.

    1. Click Admin to go to the Admin Home Page.

    2. Click Data Tables in the Developer Tools section.

      The Data Table Administration page appears.

  2. Select a table and click the Schema tab.
  3. Verify the column information is correct (if legacy) or add columns.
  4. Select a Validation Type and Validation Mapping for each row in the schema.

      Integer and float multi-select menus can be used in a validation, but only a single value can be selected. Saving schema might take a long time if a column is mapped, or will be mapped, to a multi-select menu attribute.
  1. Click Save.
    1. For legacy data, you can add and save the validation, but you will get an error message that instructs you to remove the invalid data before you can deploy the Data Table.


When adding a validation to a Data Table with existing data, and invalid data is present, a button named Invalid Data will allow you to:

Import .CSV will not update existing record. but it will allow you to modify values.

To replace the table, you must clear the Data Table and upload the file. Alternatively, delete the table and upload a new one through .CSV.


    Validations will run as part of bulk import. If there are records that do not meet the validation, then the invalid records will fail.

    There is no validation of column data type with Parent Entity data type because in Commerce, there are only text type menu attributes.

ClosedValidating Against Both Menu Attributes

If you are migrating a Data Table that has a commerce menu attribute validating one column and a configurable attribute validating another column:

Another option is to remove either the commerce or the configuration validation, migrate the Data Table, and then add the validation back to the migrated table.


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