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Company Associations


Parts can be associated with one or more Companies, including the Host Company, so that only those Companies' users can access the parts.


ClosedSetting Up Company Associations

Before you can associate a part with a company, you must first create the company. To add a company, so that it can be associated with a part, create a Partner Organization. For more information, see Partner Organizations.

Company associations can be created when adding a new part, or by editing an existing part. For more information, see Setting Up Parts.

Use the fields shown below, from the Part Administration page, to select companies for association with a part.

ClosedCompany Associations and Part Visibility

If a Company has been denied access to a part, either through a part filter or the Company Associations field, it will not be available to the Company’s users in Parts Search or the Quick Key Line Items list.

  Part Not Associated With any Company Part Associated With Company 1 Part Associated With Company 2
All Users not in Company 1 or 2 Visible Not Visible Not Visible
Company 1 Users Only Visible Visible Not Visible
Company 2 Users Only Visible Not Visible Visible

By setting up these visibility restrictions, an admin can ensure that the only SERVICE-01 part each user would see is the SERVICE-01 part from their company.

ClosedCompany Associations: Bulk Upload and Download

Company Associations are available in parts Bulk Upload and Bulk Download, so this information can be added to parts in bulk. If more than one company is associated with a part, the company names are comma delimited in the CSV file.

For more information on bulk uploading and downloading, see Bulk Uploads and Bulk Downloads.



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