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Part Display Number


When CPQ Cloud customers use Partner Organizations—other companies that sell products on their behalf—there may be instances when a Partner Organization uses a different part number for the same item. Or, a part can be called by the same name but may refer to different physical parts altogether for different companies.

To avoid confusion, add a second part identifier, called the Part Display Number, to a part.

With the Part Display Number field on a part’s administration page, different parts can display the same part number—the Part Display Number—to sales users, while still having unique part numbers for use in CPQ Cloud parts administration.

In this example, three companies—the Host Company and two Partner Organizations—have three different parts that share the same Part Display Number, which is shown to each company’s sales users.

  Host Company Partner Organization 1 Partner Organization 2
Part Display Number SERVICE-01 SERVICE-01 SERVICE-01

The Part Display Number attribute can be used like any other attribute:


ClosedSetting Up Part Display Numbers

Part Display Numbers can be established when adding a new part, or by editing an existing part. For more information, see Setting Up Parts. Use the field shown below, from the Part ADMINISTRATION page, to add a Part Display Number.

Only one value is allowed in the Part Display Number field for each part.

ClosedPart Display Number and Quick Key Line Items

When added to a Line Item Grid, the Part Display Number is used in the Quick Key search. For more information, see Quick Key Line Items.

ClosedPart Display Number: Bulk Upload and Download

The _part_display_number field is available in parts Bulk Upload and Bulk Download, so Part Display Numbers can be added to parts in bulk.

For more information on bulk uploading and downloading, see Bulk Uploads and Bulk Downloads.


Existing parts filters remain unchanged and in effect.


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