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Partner Parts Integration


Partner Parts Integration allows you to maintain a Parts Master—the primary parts database—in either CPQ Cloud or a Partner system. Currently, the Partner systems that can be integrated with to support Partner Parts Integration are:



When the Parts Master is CPQ Cloud, the Parts/Price Books are maintained in your CPQ Cloud application . Hence Parts and /or Price Book Associations have to be exported to the Partner system from your CPQ Cloud environment. Parts extended descriptions can also be exported from CPQ Cloud to the Partner system. For more information, see Export Parts - CPQ Cloud as Parts Master.


When the Parts Master is the Partner system, Parts/Price Books are maintained in the partner system. Hence Parts and/or Price Books have to be imported from the Partner system into CPQ Cloud. Parts extended descriptions can also be imported from the Partner system to CPQ Cloud. For more information, see Import Parts - Partner as Parts Master.

ClosedSalesforce Multi-select Attributes

Salesforce stores multi-select menu-related values using the semi-colon delimited format (";"), while CPQ Cloud stores its multi-select menu attribute values using the tilde delimited format ("~"). For example, "AAA~BBB~CCC".

Therefore, while importing parts into CPQ Cloud, multi-select menu data from Salesforce should be converted to the tilde delimited format. Similarly, while exporting parts from CPQ Cloud into Salesforce, the multi-select menu data in CPQ Cloud needs to be converted into the semi-colon delimited format for Salesforce.

ClosedCRM Delta Parts Sync

The Integration of Parts, Parts Extended Descriptions, and Price Book information between CRMs and Oracle CPQ Cloud occurs incrementally so changing information. You can choose to send parts when syncing/scheduling a Delta Parts Sync; for example, when exporting and/or importing parts from the last export/import date.

  1. ClosedNavigate to the List Integrations page.
    1. Click Admin to go to the Admin Home Page.
    2. Click Parts under Products.

      The Parts Search for Admin page appears.

    1. Click List in the Price Book section.;

      The Price Book Administration List page appears.

    1. Click the Name of the Price Book you want to export.

      The Price Book Administration page appears.

    1. Click Integration.

      The List Integrations page appears.

  2. Select the Delta checkbox.

      This reduces overall Integration time.


Parts Integration is not enabled for all applications. Contact your CPQ Cloud Success Manager to enable this feature.

To integrate your site with either Salesforce or Siebel, contact the System FullAccess user.


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