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Use Cases

ClosedHandling Discontinued Parts

This Use Case outlines how to appropriately handle an existing quote that contains a discontinued part/product.

  1. Use a custom field for the End Date of the product.
  2. Construct a warning message (in Commerce) that appears when the user adds a discontinued part or product to a Quote.

    This highlights that the product has an End Date that precedes the current date/quote expiration date.

  3. When the user submits a quote for approval with an expired product, EITHER:
    1. Create a Validation Rule that stops users from submitting the quote altogether.
    2. Create an “Expired Product” approval trigger.
  4. Use similar logic when a user attempts to place an order that contains an expired product or part. Either block the user from placing an order with an expired product or require approval.


ClosedMissing Buttons on Parts Integration Page

If you are logged in as SuperUser, then these actions will only be visible if you are punched into a Partner site.



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