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User License Count


The User License Count shows many purchased user licenses remain available for use.


ClosedAccessing the User License Count

The User License Count is available in the following pages:

The following table shows which admin users can see the User License Count on the various pages.

  User Admin List Company Admin List User Admin List (Partner)
Host Company Admin Yes Yes Yes
Partner Org Admin No No Yes

ClosedWhat Information is Available in the User License Count?

The Host admin has the most comprehensive view of the license information provided.

The FullAccess user or SuperUser will see:

In the Company Administration List page, the value in the parentheses in the Users (Active Licensed Users) column indicates how many licensed users each Partner Organization has active. In the example below, the Partner Organization has 4 active licensed users.

ClosedUnderstanding Total Active Users

System-generated users (SuperUser and Guest) are included in the Total Active Users, but are not included in the active licensed user count of Remaining and Using users. Notice in the image below that there are 22 Total Active Users, but the Using licensed user count remains at 20. The two additional users are the SuperUser and the Guest.

ClosedLegacy Guest Users

Legacy users that renamed their “guest” will notice that an additional “guest” user has been created to replace the renamed “guest”. The renamed “guest” will become an “Active Licensed User” and be counted against the licenses totals.

The newly added “guest” user is inactive.

ClosedUser License Count, Maximum Users, and Partner Organizations

A Partner Organization admin has a limited view of Total License Count information. They can only see the Using license count for their particular Partner Organization.

The only way a Partner Organization admin can see their Remaining licenses is if a Host Company SuperUser, or FullAccess user with permissions, has set a Maximum Users value for all listed Partner Organizations. In this case, each Partner Organization admin will see their Remaining user license count and the Using Ratio for active licenses consumed/total licenses remaining.

If a Partner Organization with Denied access does not have a value set by the Host Company admin in the Maximum Users field, no Partner Organization admin will see their Remaining information.

These Partner Organizations must have their Maximum Users value set to zero.

ClosedSetting Maximum Users

  1. ClosedNavigate to the Company Administration List page.
    1. Click Admin to go to the Admin Home Page.
    2. Click Process Definition in the Commerce and Documentssection.

      The Processes page appears.

  2. In the Maximum Users column, enter a value for every Partner Organization listed.

If the original Maximum Users value (when Access was still “Granted”) is kept after a Partner Organization has been subsequently denied Access, it will count against the Host Company's Remaining total for all Partner Organizations.


A red stop sign icon appears next to the Remaining licensed user count when there are no further remaining users. An orange warning icon appears when user capacity reaches less than 5%.


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