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Attribute Calculators and Question Sets


After adding a configurable attribute, the next page is an Attribute Editor specific to the type of attribute you created.

Use the General tab to view and edit current information.

The other tabs available are Related Rules, Template Properties and Set Properties.

The Set Properties tab appears only when the configurable attribute is of the type Array.


ClosedAccessing the Attribute Editor

  1. ClosedNavigate to the Configurable Attributes Administration List page.

    1. Click Admin to go to the Admin Home Page.

    2. Click Catalog Definition in the Products section.

      The Supported Products page appears.

    3. In the Navigation column, select Configurable Attribute and then click List.

      The Configurable Attributes Administration List page appears.

  1. Click the link in the Name column to open the Attribute Editor specific to the attribute type.

ClosedConfigurable Attribute Calculators

Attribute calculators are used to help buyers determine attribute values. After you create an attribute calculator, a calculator icon appears next to the attribute. When someone clicks the icon, the calculator launches.

The calculator contains question sets. The calculator uses the input entered into a question set to compute a single attribute value, and then auto-populates the attribute field with the value.

Within each attribute calculator, you can create multiple question sets. Depending on the shape of an item, for example, square vs. conical, volume can be calculated differently. Multiple question sets can resolve such differences.

Example: you can create an attribute calculator for a ”volume” attribute by creating a question set that contains length, width, and height measurements. Using the three variables, the calculator can determine a volume value.

ClosedCreating a Calculator

Closed Adding a Calculator

ClosedQuestion Sets

Question Sets: A single calculator can be created for each attribute. Within each calculator, you can create multiple question sets. Each question set displays as a separate tab in the calculator.

ClosedEditing Question Sets

ClosedDeploying Question Sets

ClosedDeleting Question Sets



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