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Attribute Value Pricing (AVP)


Attribute Value Pricing, or AVP, is an easy way for a FullAccess user to maintain pricing, instead of creating a pricing rule for each attribute.

You can associate static prices with the values of a menu type configurable attribute, so that these prices can be displayed to the user when they select the menu values on the Model Configuration page.

A unique aspect of attribute value pricing is the ability to update the price totals of a configurable item instantly, without refreshing the page.

Closed AVP highlights


ClosedManaging Attribute Value Pricing

Pricing for attribute values is defined when creating an attribute, along with the other settings.

  1. ClosedNavigate to the Configurable Attributes Administration List page.

    1. Click Admin to go to the Admin Home Page.

    2. Click Catalog Definition in the Products section.

      The Supported Products page appears.

    3. In the Navigation column, select Configurable Attribute and then click List.

      The Configurable Attributes Administration List page appears.

  2. Click the name of an attribute with Single Select Menu or Multi Select Menu in the Attribute Type column, or create a new attribute.

  3. Select Static Pricing for the Attribute Value Pricing option in the Main Information section.

ClosedDo one of the following to add pricing: 

  1. Set Values in the Attribute Value Pricing Properties section.

Depending on the configuration layout you've chosen, this might not be at the bottom.

Zero static price is not shown in the Pricing Section - If the AVP price for a menu attribute is zero, then this price is not shown in the pricing section.


    NULL and blank Integer values are treated as separate values.

    - NULL= 0
    - Blank = ""

    If you use logic that tests for NULL values in rule conditions or BML, this logic should be updated.

    Using "null" as an attribute value is strongly discouraged.


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