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Menu Attributes


Single Select and Multi Select Menu attribute types are only available for Text, Float, and Integer attribute data types.


ClosedAccessing the Menu Attribute Editor Page

  1. ClosedNavigate to the Configurable Attributes Administration List page.

    1. Click Admin to go to the Admin Home Page.

    2. Click Catalog Definition in the Products section.

      The Supported Products page appears.

    3. In the Navigation column, select Configurable Attribute and then click List.

      The Configurable Attributes Administration List page appears.

  2. Click the name of an attribute that has Single Select Menu or Multi Select Menu in the Attribute Type column, or create a new attribute.

    The Menu Attribute Editor page appears.

ClosedUsing the Menu Attribute Editor Page

The Menu Attribute Editor page, for Single Select Menu and Multi Select Menu attribute types, has the following sections at the top of the General tab: Main Information, Properties, and, if you select Yes for Image Menu, Image Menus Properties.

The Image Menu Properties section appears when you click Yes for Image Menu.

The Image Menu option does not appear in an attribute while it is being created. It only appears in an attribute that has been saved during creation, or has been re-opened.

For more information about the Image Menu Properties section, see Using Images with Attributes.

At the bottom of the General tab, there is a Menu Population section for you to populate your menu.

To create an attribute with a menu Attribute Type, you must create at least one menu entry before you can save the attribute.

ClosedMain Information Section

  1. Edit the Name of the attribute.
  2. Enter a Description.

    If Help Icon is checked for the attribute in the Configuration Flow Editor, the description appears when the user hovers over the help icon.

    For more information, see Configuration Flows.

  1. Select Yes to enable Image Menus, if desired. See Image Menus Properties Section for more details.

    The Image Menu Properties section appears when you click Yes for Image Menu.

    The Image Menu option does not appear in an attribute while it is being created. It only appears in an attribute that has been saved during creation, or has been re-opened.

  2. Choose the Display Type:
    • For a Single Select Menu: Single Select drop-down, Radio Button Vertical, or Radio Button Horizontal.
    • For a Multi Select Menu: Multi Select drop-down, Checkbox Vertical, or Checkbox Horizontal.
  3. Select Static Pricing to enable Attribute Value Pricing functionality.

    For more information, see Attribute Value Pricing (AVP).

ClosedProperties Section

  1.  Choose the Set Type:
    • None The user can input any value without encountering an error message.
    • Set A recommendation rule can change the value entered by the user unless the attribute is locked by the user.
    • Forced Set A recommendation rule will change the value of the attributes regardless of what the user enters and if the attribute is locked or not.
  1. Select the appropriate checkbox for:
    • Required This will require the user to enter a value before proceeding to a commerce transaction.
    • Hidden This attribute will not appear to the user. It can be used in rules.
    • Auto Update This will by updated by the system without the user invoking an action.
    • Hide In Transaction This attribute is hidden within a commerce document.
  1. Choose the Constrained Values Display:
    • Removed Constrained attribute values will be removed from the menu.
    • Marked Constrained attribute values will be marked with an asterisk (*) in the menu.
    • Normal Constrained attribute values will appear in menus without being marked.
  1. Choose the Status of the attribute:
    • Active An attribute that is active will appear to the buyer and/or be included in rules.

      All attributes are active by default.

    • Inactive An inactive attribute cannot appear in a rule to the user.
    • Internal An internal attribute will only appear to FullAccess users.
  1. Click Show Start/End Dates to specify how long the attribute will remain in the chosen status.

      If no duration is specified, the attribute maintains its status until the admin changes it.

ClosedImage Menu Properties Section

Enter the following values in the Image Menu Properties section:

ClosedMenu Population Section for Single Select or Multi Select Menus

  1. Enter a value for Displayed Text.
  2. Change the Variable Name, if necessary; it is created automatically when you enter Displayed Text.
  3. Click Add Entry.

    The values you entered for Displayed Text and Variable Name appear in the list.

  4. Click Entry Manager or Show Entry Details to edit the order of the menu attribute, change the menu display names,or add images to each menu value.
  5. Set a Default menu value by selecting a menu value and clicking Set.
  6. For information on adding images to your menu entries, see Using Images with Attributes.



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