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Configuration Overview


Configuration is defined on the catalog hierarchy in CPQ Cloud. For more information on the catalog hierarchy, see Product Family Hierarchy.

Catalog items contain regular attributes that cannot be modified at run time and configurable attributes that can be modified at run time. Configurable attributes can be created at all levels of the catalog hierarchy.

Using Configuration, the buyer can customize the items they are buying by specifying the values of configurable attributes.


ClosedSituations Appropriate for Rules

ClosedTypes of Rules

The user experience in configuration is controlled by the ability to fire the appropriate rules based on user input. Different types of rules enhance the selection and configuration experience:

ClosedBest Practices


    NULL and blank Integer values are treated as separate values.

    - NULL= 0
    - Blank = ""

    If you use logic that tests for NULL values in rule conditions or BML, this logic should be updated.

    Using "null" as an attribute value is strongly discouraged.


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