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Configuration Settings


Use the Configuration Options page to customize the Configuration page. There are look and feel options such as the ability to control the display of the Processing dialog as well as the number of tabs.

Configurable price options include the ability to:

Recommended item options include the ability to

ClosedConfiguration Cache

Configuration Cache is a highly recommended (but optional) feature of CPQ Cloud. Support for Configuration Cache can be enabled by the System FullAccess user.

The purpose of Configuration Cache is to store Configuration information in memory to improve performance. Since trips to the database server are avoided using the cache, this is a highly optimal solution for most implementations. When Configuration Cache functionality is enabled, all areas of the system that call Configuration methods should be quicker to access after the cache is built.

    By default, the Configuration Cache is disabled for all new product families. Once enabled, Configuration changes will only be reflected once they are deployed.

When Configuration Cache is enabled, then all changes to catalog data must be deployed to ensure that the cache is synchronized with Configuration data.

If changes are made to rules, products or flows within a Product Family and the Product Family is not deployed, the user will be working off of a cache that is out of date with the actual catalog data.

For information on deploying Product Families, see Setting Up Product Families.


ClosedSetting Configuration Options

You can customize the look and feel of your Configuration page.

  1. ClosedNavigate to the Configuration Options page.
    1. Click Admin to go to the Admin Home Page.
    2. Click  Configuration Settings in the Products section.

      The Configuration Options page appears.

  2. Set Configuration UI options.
    • Enter the number of configurable attributes needed to trigger the Processing dialog.
    • Enter the number of milliseconds to wait before showing the Loading dialog box for AJAX rules: 
      • A positive number: How many milliseconds before the dialog appears.
      • A negative number: Disables the processing dialog for AJAX rules.
      • Zero (0): The dialog displays instantaneously.
    • Enter the number of tabs to display on each row in the Model Configuration page.

  3. Set Configurable Price Options.
    • Display price on all pages: Select Yes to display price on all pages, and No to reject.
    • Hide zero total price: Select Yes to hide if the total price is zero, and No to reject.
    • Display total sum of recommended items: Select Yes to display the total sum of recommended items, and No to reject. If you want to display the total sum of recommended items along with a subtotal of mandatory items, select Yes with Subtotal of Mandatory Items.

  4. Set Recommended Item Options.
    • Display items on end page: Select Yes if you want to display items on end page, and No if you do not. To hide the item, select Hide. To hide only the main model, select Hide Main Model.
    • Hide missing spares: Select Yes if you want to hide missing spares, and No if you do not.
    • Select recommended items by default: Select Yes if you want to select recommended items by default, and No if you do not.
    • Sum Recommended Item Quantities: Select Yes if you want to sum the recommended item quantities and No if you do not want them to be summed.

    If this is set to No, the quantities for the same item, recommended by different rules, will not be summed and these items will appear as separate line items in the Commerce document.

    Quantities are still summed if the same item is recommended multiple times by the same rule, or by different rules with the same variable name.

  5. Set Configuration Save Options.
    • Enable auto save of Pending Configurations: Select Yes if you'd like enable this functionality and No to leave it disabled.

      This option is disabled by default.

For more information, see Pending Configurations.

  1. Set Configuration Deploy Options.
    • Recreate buyside cache after deployment: Select Yes if you'd like the user-side cache to be purged when configuration is deployed. This ensures in-flight configurations will have their cache rebuilt and the server will then release the original memory that was allocated for the first cache.

      This option is disabled by default.

  2. Click Apply to save your changes and remain on the current page. Click Update to save your changes and return to the Admin Home Page. Click Back return to the Admin Home Page without saving any changes.



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