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Configuration Troubleshooting


When a Configuration isn't working, the cause can reside in many different areas.

ClosedGeneral Configuration Troubleshooting


ClosedConfigurator Recommending Incorrect Number of Parts

ClosedRule Isn't Firing

ClosedChange to Attribute's Auto Update field not Reflected

If you have changed the Auto Update field on the attribute itself, it will not reflect the change. If your attribute is mapped to a Configuration Flow layout, you have to change the Auto Update value in the Configuration Flow as well.

The change will not take affect until the value is changed in both locations: the Attribute and the Configuration Flow.

ClosedAttribute Change not Reflected in the Configuration Flow

ClosedAttribute Value is Different than Expected

ClosedMultiple Updates Required to Change a Value

ClosedFlow is Different than Expected

ClosedSet Type is Different than Expected

ClosedRecommendation Message Unexpectedly Appears for Text Field Containing Delimiters

If a Recommendation Rule associated with an Attribute has a Text data type and the Attribute's recommended value BML script returns as a String, the system will display the tokens that are split along the following delimiter sequence in the System Recommended message when the following character sequence is used: |^|

Using another character sequence will resolve the issue.



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