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Pending Configurations


Incomplete Configurations can happen if you are accidentally logged out of your session, if you lose a network connection, or if you're timed out.

You have the option to auto save pending Configurations. This functionality is designed to save incomplete Configurations.

The Pending Configurations button—to resume working on unfinished Configurations—appears appears at the top of the workspace. Clicking the link takes the user to a Configurations list page, where they can select a Configuration to continue working on.

ClosedWhat Does Incomplete Mean?

You will start in the exact same Configuration Flow, in the exact same state.

ClosedWhen are Configurations Saved?

Configuration drafts are saved every time an attribute is updated.

ClosedHow are Configurations Saved?

There is one draft, per user, per model that is saved. If you configure two different models, you will see two models appear as a pending Configuration. These drafts are not automatically cleared by the application. Users will either need to move the Configuration forward or delete the drafts.


ClosedManaging Pending Configurations

  1. ClosedNavigate to the Configuration Options page.
    1. Click Admin to go to the Admin Home Page.
    2. Click  Configuration Settings in the Products section.

      The Configuration Options page appears.

  2. In the Configuration Save Options section, Select Yes if you'd like enable this functionality and No to leave it disabled.

      This feature is disabled by default.



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