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Configuration Pages Overview


Flows are special rules that help guide buyers through the multi-step search and Configuration process.

There are two types of flows:

Configuration Flows walk buyers through the product Configuration Process, so that CPQ Cloud can display Configurable attributes in a logical sequence rather than all at once. A simple flow may contain a short process with only a single Configuration step, whereas an advanced flow may contain a complex Configuration Process with many steps.

Use Search Flows, or selectors, to create advanced search mechanisms for buyers. Within each segment, you can create multiple types of selectors to help buyers locate Product Lines, Models across multiple Product Lines, or Models within a single Product Line. A Search Flow gathers attribute values from the buyer and then uses those values to help buyers select suitable products.

Search Flows are also used for Guided Selling, which helps target specific products with the desired Configuration to the right buyer. For more information, see the topic Guided Selling.

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