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Attribute - Part Association


The number of rules admins are required to write decreases dramatically with Attribute-Part Associations.

Using this feature, the admin can associate a Configuration Integer Attribute or a Boolean Attribute to a single Parts database record, without the use of Recommended Item Rules.

At run-time on the user side, the associated part is added to the Mandatory Recommended Items if the:


The quantity of the Part added to the Mandatory Recommended Items varies:


ClosedCreating an Attribute-Part Association

  1. ClosedNavigate to the Configurable Attributes Administration List page.
    1. Click Admin to go to the Admin Home Page.

    2. Click Catalog Definition in the Products section.

      The Supported Products page appears.

    3. In the Navigation column, select Configurable Attribute and then click List.

      The Configurable Attributes Administration List page appears.

  1. Click Add.

  2. Enter a Name and Variable Name.
  3. Select a Data Type.

      Attribute-Part Associations are only available for Integer and Boolean Data Types. Once Integer or Boolean is selected, the Part Information fields appear.

  4. Begin typing in the desired associated Part Number. The Part Number field will auto-suggest Part Numbers from the Parts database.

      A green check mark indicates the entered part is valid.

      A red X icon indicates the entered part is invalid because it does not exist in the Parts database.
  5. Enter a Comment. The Comment field is grayed out if the Part Number is invalid; it will remain uneditable until the Part Number is valid.

      If the Part Number field fails validations upon either Attribute creation or editing, an error message appear when you try to Add or Save.
  6. Click Add, Add and New, or Cancel.
  7. Return to the Configurable Attributes Administration List page, to view the Associated Part Number column. This column shows which parts are associated with which Configurable Attributes.

ClosedManaging Attribute-Part Associations

The below information will highlight how sales user will manage Attribute-Part Associations on the sales-user side of the application. Sales users will configure their products as they normally would.



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