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Configuration Rule Overview


Rules enable you to set specific configuration information for your products. For example, you can suggest configured values to buyers using recommendation rules or hide some configurable attributes from certain user types. Rules can also be used to recommend items to buyers, prevent them from selecting opposite values of configurable attributes and display additional price information.

ClosedTypes of Configuration Rules

    Rules should always be created at the highest level possible in the hierarchy, though they are available for creation at any level.

ClosedCommon Rule Elements

ClosedOrdering Configuration Attributes

Order the configuration attributes to set how they will appear in the document.

  1. ClosedNavigate to the Configurable Attributes Administration List page.
    1. Click Admin to go to the Admin Home Page.

    2. Click Catalog Definition in the Products section.

      The Supported Products page appears.

    3. In the Navigation column, select Configurable Attribute and then click List.

      The Configurable Attributes Administration List page appears.

  2. Change the Order Number on the attribute you want to reorder.
  3. Click Update to save your changes.

    The new attribute order displays on the Configurable Attributes Administration Listpage.
    1. You can reorder individual attributes, including the individual attributes contained within an attribute set.
      Order changes take effect after the Configuration Product Family is deployed (or re-deployed). For more information about deployment, see Setting Up Product Families.

ClosedOrder of Operations: Rule Precedence

ClosedAttribute Order & Rule Precedence

ClosedConfiguration hierarchy

The data entered on the Configuration page will be read before any rules are run. The order of Configuration hierarchy inside of each of the nodes is:

  1. Model
  2. Product Line
  3. Product Family
  4. All Product Families


ClosedEditing a Rule

  1. Navigate to the Rules List page for the required rule type at the appropriate level in the product hierarchy.
  2. Click the desired rule name on the Rules List page to launch the Rule Editor.
  3. Use the Rule Editor to change the Name, Description, Status and Condition Reference Type. You can also:

ClosedDeleting a Rule

  1. Navigate to the Rules List page for the appropriate rule type at the correct level in the product hierarchy.
  2. Select the rule to be deleted.
  3. Click Delete.

ClosedReordering Rules

  1. Navigate to the Rules List page of the appropriate rule type at the desired level in the product hierarchy.
  2. Enter the desired order number in the Order column of the rule.
  3. Click Update. This will reorder the rules list. The rule that occupied the selected position before the reordering will now appear in the erstwhile position of the selected rule.

ClosedConfiguration Rules Default Row Grouping to "1"



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