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General Rule Elements


A configuration rule is comprised of a condition and an action. The condition is always evaluated first. if the condition is evaluated to be true (meaning it is met), then the rule is fired (meaning an action will take place).

Each rule begins with a basic template of 3 sections: Properties, Condition, and Action.


This section is where you will enter basic details about the rule. For example, the name, status and where it will be applied.


The condition section allows you to select the logic that specifies when a rule should run. There are three options: Always True, Simple Condition and Advanced Condition.


The action section is where you select WHAT will happen if the condition is met. This is also where you will select where you'd like to apply the rule to; Configuration, Selection or Both. If you are creating a Recommendation or Constraint rule, this is also where you will select if you'd like to select action attributes by clicking the Add Attributes button or by a Table Lookup.

ClosedConfiguration Rules Default Row Grouping to "1"



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