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Customer Specific Pricing Overview


You can create a specific pricing structure for individual or multiple accounts. A FullAccess user can create pricing rule profiles that contain prices for one or many parts, and if a particular account is tied to that pricing rule, they will see the profile price. This is done so that when a Sales User is quoting a customer that has a pre-determined, contract or pricing agreement, this special pricing should be visible in the UI once the customer and item(s) have been identified. This is a way to define the list price of a given part, based on customer.

ClosedOrder of Operations

If the same part is present in multiple pricing rules, and within multiple profiles within a rule, the pricing rule price value is derived from the first rule (as show in the list of rules on the administration page) and the first profile within the rule (as shown in the list of profiles section for the rule). You can use drag & drop to modify the order of the rules and profiles relevant for their scenario.

ClosedHow Prices are Evaluated

The table below explains how the prices are evaluated based on what product type is being added to the transaction.



This page is where you can create a Profile and add parts and pricing.


This page is where you can create a Profile and add parts and pricing.

In the right panel, there is also a section where you can add profiles to each rule.

ClosedUser-Side Functionality

Customer-specific pricing will be visible to users when they invoke a Commerce Process. The table below depicts the way different prices are applied and how they affect the subtotal.

ClosedBulk Upload & Download

You can manage "Parts Pricing Rules Information" from Bulk Download/Upload section in Utilities. There are six files that will be downloaded:

ClosedColumn Pagination

ClosedBest Practices

The following will help ensure that your pricing function does not become too large.



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