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Formula Management Overview


Formula Management allows you to write formulas that will set quote-level and line-level attribute values through a drag & drop interface and visual editor. This enables you to build complex calculations without scripting. Customer-specific pricing is calculated before formulas are evaluated. An attribute will not have the option to use a formula for its default value until after a formula is created and deployed.

ClosedFormula Management Editor

In the left panel you'll find the following collapsible headers:

ClosedSUM and AVG Function Editor Parameters

SUM and AVG functions in Formula Management can now have Attribute Groups defined as parameters. The Parameters field within a SUM or AVG function’s dialog box will now suggest Attribute Groups that are similar in name to what the user has entered. The SUM Function dialog box is shown below.

If an Attribute Group is a parameter in a SUM or AVG function, all attributes within the Attribute Group are included in the function’s calculation.


You can create formulas to use on quote and line-level attributes by using drag & drop functionality within a visual editor. In the left panel, you can use the filter functionality to quickly search for and find commerce attributes and functions that will be used to create each formula. In the right panel, you will drag & drop an attribute to the attribute name area and then use operators, functions and attributes to create its formula in the associated formula bar.


ClosedAvailable Functions


ClosedElement Colors

ClosedAuto Update Checkbox

ClosedFormulas in Reconfiguration Scenarios

The Reconfigure action is split into one parent (Reconfigure) and one sub-action (Reconfigure Inbound). This eliminates the need for conditionals to segregate logic.


    NULL and blank Integer values are treated as separate values.

    - NULL= 0
    - Blank = ""

    If you use logic that tests for NULL values in rule conditions or BML, this logic should be updated.

    Using "null" as an attribute value is strongly discouraged.


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