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Using the Query Function


Formula Management allows you to query Data Tables and return results that will populate a formula and provide a calculation for a line item or main-document attribute.


ClosedUsing the Query Function

In this example we have queried a Data Table to return the current line items volume pricing.

A value of 0.0 is returned if nothing is found.

  1. Navigate to: Admin Home Page > Process Definition Quick Links> Select a Process > Click Formulas
  2. Search for List Price (listPrice_line) in the Attributes panel.
  3. Drag & drop Next Price into the green Add Attribute Name section under the Attribute Name column heading.
    1. The Attribute Name will display as the variable name, not the label name.
  4. Collapse the Attributes section and open the Functions section, in the left panel.
  5. Drag & drop the query function into the formula bar.

    When you hover over a function, you'll see the required inputs and return.

    Once the if function has been placed in the Formula Bar, a Query Details pop-up opens.

  6. Use the drop-down to choose the Data Table you will be querying.

  7. Enter Conditions for the query to run.

  8. Select the Data Table Column to Return.
  9. Select the checkbox 'Use Default Value if No Value is Entered'.
  10. Enter the Default Value of 0.0.

  11. Click Save.

    When the List Price formula is complete, it will appear in the formula list as such:

ClosedFormulas in Reconfiguration Scenarios

The Reconfigure action is split into one parent (Reconfigure) and one sub-action (Reconfigure Inbound). This eliminates the need for conditionals to segregate logic.


    NULL and blank Integer values are treated as separate values.

    - NULL= 0
    - Blank = ""

    If you use logic that tests for NULL values in rule conditions or BML, this logic should be updated.

    Using "null" as an attribute value is strongly discouraged.


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