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Price Books Overview


Parts are defined with a price. Price Books offer an additional way to associate parts with price. One part can be associated with multiple Price Books. The FullAccess user can specify the Price Book applicable, depending on the user type.

Example: Consider that there are two prices books: US Price Book and Germany Price Book. If a customer based in New York decides to purchase a certain part, then the US Price Book will be used to determine the price of the part.

Similarly, if a German customer wants to purchase the same part, then the German Price Book will be used to determine the price of the part.

Therefore, the same part number can have different prices based on the Price Book that is applicable for a particular user. See Adding and Managing Part Filters for more information on how to set up a similar use case.


User-Side Price Books


In Configuration, a Price Book drop-down will appear if you have more than one Price Book available.

ClosedParts Search

The User will only be able to select a Price Book if they have been given access to it. This can be achieved by creating filters.

Parts Export & Price Book Associations

Parts Export no longer includes Price Book Associations columns.


    Standard Price Books can accommodate as many currencies as are supported on a CPQ Cloud site.


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