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Processes whose changes have not been deployed show a bold modification date on the Product Family List page. After a product family is deployed, the modification date displays in a normal font weight rather than bold; the last deployed date reflects the most recent deploy time. You can verify a successful deploy when you Review the confirmation email. A confirmation email is sent to the email address specified for a deploy; it indicates whether a deploy happened successfully or not. It also contains the details of what was deployed.

ClosedEvent Types available for Scheduled Deployments

ClosedDeployment Status Messages


ClosedDeploying a Commerce Process

  1. Select the Process you want to deploy using the Select column.
  2. Click Open under Quick Links.

    A new window opens.

  3. Click Deploy.

You can also deploy a process by going to: Admin Home Page > Commerce Processes > Process Definition > Select a Process > Deployment Center.

ClosedScheduling a Deployment

  1. Under the Send Confirmation Email To section, select:
  1. Click Add Event to display the name, status and the Schedule Time details for the new event. If desired, you can cancel the scheduled deployment by selecting the new event and clicking Delete.

    You cannot remove an event if the deployment has already started.

  2. Click Generate Schema and WSDL to generate the Schema and WSDL.
  3. Click Refresh to display the updated information on the page.



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