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Quick Key Line Items


Quick key line items have the following capabilities:


ClosedAdding Quick Key Line Items

  1. Click the Quick Key Line Item icon.

    An auto-suggest box appears as soon as you start typing in a part number. The parts suggested include Direct Buy parts that are available in the user's selected Price Book.

  1. Edit the Part Number and Quantity.

    If additional part fields are mapped to the line item grid, these fields will be automatically populated once the user enters a valid part number and tabs out of the Part Number field. Only part line items are supported.

    1. You must invoke a modify-type action to save all items added from the parts database.
      Quick Key line items are added below the row in which the icon is clicked. They will be added below the entire configuration when the Quick Key icon is selected in the parent row.

ClosedEnabling Quick Key Line Items

  1. Navigate to the Layout Editor of the Commerce Process for which you would like to enable Quick Key Line Items.
  2. Click the Gear icon on the Line Item Grid editor.

  3. Select the Display Quick Line Item box within the Line Item Grid editor.
  4. Ensure that the Part Number (_part_number) and Quantity (_price_quantity) fields are mapped to the Line Item Grid.

You must ensure that a modify-type action exists for the Commerce Process since the end user is required to perform a modify-type action after adding Quick Key items.

Use the Commerce stylesheet to customize colors for Quick Key Items and any associated errors.

ClosedQuick Key Line Items and Part Display Numbers

If you have implemented Part Display Numbers, they can be used in your Quick Key Line Item search. Both the Part Number and the Part Display Number columns must be on the Line Item Grid of a Commerce layout in order to search Part Display Numbers.

You can use the existing Quick Key Line Item search, if you want, by only having the Part Number column on the Line Item Grid of a Commerce layout.

The Part Display Number can be used as a search value.

The Quick Key search results will show the Part Display Number first (then the part number in brackets) using the following format: Part Display Number [Part Number].

For more information about Part Display Numbers, see Part Display Number.



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