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Build a Report


This article assumes you have already created a new report or you are editing a report.

Each Report can have two types of criteria: Standard and Advanced. Results are generated based on transactions that satisfy both of these filter requirements.

The Display Columns section allows the user to build the data that is displayed when the report is run. The user can select attributes to display and specify the way in which the columns must be grouped. The user can choose to display some values that are calculated from numeric/currency attributes that are returned.


ClosedStandard Filters

These filters include the following:

ClosedCreating Advanced Filters

The user can define advanced filters on all main-document, sub-document and configurable Text, Numeric, Currency, Date and Menu type attributes that have been mapped to Data Columns.

  1. Click Add Row.

  2. Click on the drop-down under Attribute and choose the attribute you'd like to filter by.

  3. Select the Operator and enter an Attribute Value.
  4. Set the Row Grouping, for multiple attributes. If left blank it will default to AND ALL.

    1. Blank values are supported in Filters just as they are supported in saved searches. However, the user cannot create a report without specifying an operator for a filter, unlike in saved searches.

ClosedSetting Displayed Columns

Once you have created your standard and advanced filters, you will need to define at least one main-document display column in order to run the report. Failure to do so will result in an error message.

ClosedYou can select from three options:

  1. Select an attribute to drag-and-drop into the Display Columns panel.
  2. A green arrow next to the attribute name means that the attribute can be placed in the position you’ve selected. A red NO sign will appear next to the attribute if it is not allowed.

    1. The order you place your columns is how they will appear on the report.
  3. Set display column options: 

    Column Type What Does It Look Like? Options Notes
    Calculated Column

    Format: Switch between the Number and Currency formats. If the Number format is selected, another option will appear allowing you to set the number of decimal points.

    Display On: Specify at which group level the column should be displayed.

    Edit: Make changes to the calculated column.

    Non-Numeric Quote and Line Item Attributes

    Display as Link: Displays the attribute as a link that when clicked, takes you to the quote.

    Group: Determine if this attribute should be used to group the rows. Doing so will remove the attribute as a Display Column. For example, you can group quotes by their Submitted Date or by Selected Currency.

    Remove: Click to remove the column from the Display Columns panel.

    Numeric Quote and Line Item Attributes

    Sum: Reflect the sum of the aggregate for an attribute. For example, , Quote Totals.

    Average: Reflect the average for an attribute.

    Minimum: Reflects the minimum value of all Quote Totals for a group. If there are three quotes ($145,694.23, $34.56, and $35, 434), the minimum will find $34.56.

    Maximum: Reflects the maximum value of all Quote Totals for a group. If there are three quotes ($145,694.23, $34.56, and $35, 434), the maximum will find $145,694.23.

    All numeric quote and line item attributes have the ability to be displayed as aggregates. Aggregates are used in conjunction with Groups to provide data on the x-axis of charts. in this example, you will see the options for the attribute Quote Total.
  4. Group your attributes into rows. This will remove them from the Display Columns header and place them below.

  1. You will then be given the options to sort in Ascending or Descending orders. Depending on the attribute, you may also see options to Group By certain specifics. If you notice the example below, there is a Group By Drop down menu for Group 1 which contains options such as grouping by day, week, month, quarter, year and more.



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