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Calculated Columns


You can create your own calculated columns within the Report Builder. To create a calculated column, click the Add icon next to the Calculated Columns label found under Display Columns.


ClosedCreating a Calculated Column

  1. Enter a Label name on the Calculated Column Editor.
  2. Determine if the calculation should be displayed next to a particular group, All Groups or Group Totals.
  3. Determine the Format of the column: Number or Currency.

    1. If you choose number, make sure to select between 0-4 allowed decimal places.
  4. Choose the attribute(s) that you would like to include in your calculation. This is found in the Formula Editor section.
    1. The attributes that are in this list are the numeric or currency attributes that you have mapped to Data Columns.
  5. Choose the aggregate that you will use to calculate the column (for example, Average, Count, Sum, Minimum, Maximum).
  6. Click the Insert button to add the attribute and aggregate to the script editor.
  7. Use the operator buttons above the script editor to help create your calculation.
  8. Choose a Logical, Mathematical or Summary function to add to the calculation from the drop-down and click Insert.

  9. Click OK when you have finished creating the calculation to save it.


ClosedUse Case: Percentage of Total Fees

ClosedUse Case: Changes in Revenue

In this example, we'd like our report to display the total annual revenue, increase in revenue and percentage of that change.

ClosedUse Case: Average Time Between Approvals

You can use calculated columns to create report that shows the average time it takes for a quote to be approved. In this case, the chart is displaying the results of the average days it takes a manager to approve a quote based on who the sales rep is.



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