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Shopping Cart - FAQs

ClosedI've enabled the Shopping Cart and deployed my process. Why can't I see Add to Cart or View Cart links in the user side?

Add to Cart buttons are process invocations, just like for Commerce Processes themselves. The admin must create these under Process Invocation. The only special step required is to set the invocation type to "Shopping Cart" upon creation.

View Cart links are created in Navigation Menus where they can be customized similar to quote manager links. A standard navigation menu link is created when shopping cart is enabled; the navigation menus must be manually deployed for this change to take effect.

If this occurs when adding items to an existing quote, verify that "Hide Commerce Invocation Buttons" on "Add from Catalog" is set to No. This setting can be found in Global System Settings and Utilities > Commerce.

ClosedI can see Add to Cart buttons in some areas of configuration but not others.

Verify process invocation is set up for all desired areas and correct user permissions are given.

ClosedAfter logging out and back in, the contents of my shopping cart are gone.

Shopping carts are saved per session. Logging out ends that session. This is correct behavior.

ClosedCan I use Shopping Cart when adding items to an existing quote?

Yes. When used in this case, the cart has special buttons for "Add to Quote" and "Return to Quote"



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