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Shopping Carts - User Side Functionality


The Shopping Cart is an e-commerce feature designed to allow users to search for items or configure items and add them to a cart and stay on the same page. This allows users to create a quote with multiple configured items. The shopping cart displays all of your parts and configured items, as well as mandatory and recommended items, descriptions, product prices and a cart total. Users can clear their cart and start over or hide the cart from view until they are satisfied with their selections. Users can also modify quantities of non-mandatory items before adding them to a transaction. When users click Check Out, a Commerce Process will be invoked.

ClosedStandard User-Side Shopping Cart Workflow

ClosedUser-Side UI

All user-side pages will be affected if the shopping cart functionality is turned on by the FullAccess user. Enabling the Shopping Cart will allow the user to create a quote from their cart, regardless of where they are in the application. All user-side pages will have the "View Cart" navigation link available and is available on ALL configuration flows.

ClosedExample of the Shopping Cart

ClosedExample of the View Cart Navigation Link

ClosedView Cart Panel

The shopping cart view panel displays the current cart items. This panel is a floating, inline panel which is shown whenever a users clicks on the Add to Cart or the View Cart navigation link.

ClosedOverview of Shopping Cart



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