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Process Manager


Process Manager Columns specify the main document and/or line item attribute data that is displayed in the columns available in the Transaction Manager page.

The following must be in place for columns to be available for display in the Transaction Manager: 

  1. The main document or line item attribute must be mapped to the relevant document in the data columns.
  2. The Process Manager Column is mapped to the data column mapping of the main document or line item attribute.


ClosedAdding a Process Manager Column

  1. Navigate from the Admin Home Page > Commerce and Documents > Select a Process > Process Manager > List
  2. Click Add on the Process Manager Columns page.
  3. Enter the column name in the Label field. This name appears at the top of the column on the Transaction Manager page.

  4. Click Add. The new column appears on the Process Manager Columns page.
  5. Click the Column Mapping link next to the attribute you would like to map to a data column.

  6. Choose the data column(s) from the Available Attributes Menu and click (>) arrow to move them to the Column Contents field.
  7. Click the Up and Down arrows to move the data columns up or down.
  8. Click Apply to save changes and refresh the page.
  9. Click the Properties tab.
  10. Select the Link to detail page box to create a link to the transaction from the data in the column.

  11. Click Update to save the changes and return to the Process Manager Columns page.

ClosedReordering Data Columns

  1. Specify the order number of the mapped data column on the Process Manager Columns page.
  2. Click Apply.


  1. Click the Translations button on the Mapped Data Columns page.
  2. Enter the translation for the Label for each supported language.
  3. Click Save and Close to return to the Mapped Data Columns page.



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