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Transaction Manager


A Transaction Manager is a list of transactions or quotes that you can access. This is most frequently where approvers will go to approve quotes and where you can download your quotes or transactions.

CPQ Cloud automatically creates a Transaction Manager for each Commerce Process. For example: "[Commerce Process Name] Manager". Individual users may have access to different information within the transaction manager based on their participant profile and the step the transaction is in.

You can re-size the columns in the Transaction Manager. You can also sort the columns by clicking on the specific column header. This will sort the data and display the sorting order next to the column header (ascending or descending).


ClosedAction Bar

There is an action bar at the top and bottom of each Transaction Manager. These are Process Actions, which trigger events within a Transaction Manager.


CPQ Cloud can search transaction data based on Commerce main document and line item attribute data as long as the attributes have been mapped in the data columns. Search results will be returned based on user permissions. A View Manager will be made available for every Commerce Process in the system. The user can save searches and use them to create Reports. Saved searches are known as Views.

Commerce attributes mapped in the data columns and process manager can be used as filter inputs to the search. The user can specify criteria for the attributes so that the search returns only those records that satisfy the criteria. You can also pass in blank values as criteria for the filter attributes. In that case, all records are returned.

ClosedCreating Views


You have the ability to organize transactions by moving them to different folders. This can be done in two ways: 

  1. Select one or more transactions, then click then select the appropriate folder from the Move drop-down.
  2. Select multiple transactions and then drag them from one folder to another. As you drag the row(s), a red icon will appear to show you where you cannot place them and a green icon will appear if you can drop them.

ClosedCreating Folders



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