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Document Views


Document views set permissions for which document attributes, document actions, and process actions are active in a profile. They control whether document attributes are read-write, read-only or hidden. Views also control whether document actions are active or inactive. Active actions appear to users, inactive ones are hidden from view.

For example, you might want to give a supplier read-write access to the "ship date" field, whereas for buyers, you might just want to display the field, but not let them edit it. To manage two different types of behavior for the same attributes in a document, you would use two different profiles, each with its own profile view.


ClosedManaging Document Views

  1. Navigate from the Admin Home Page > Commerce and Documents > Process Definition > Select a Commerce Process > Steps
  2. Click on a desired step to expand it.
  3. Double-click the participant profile whose Document Views need to be set or revised.
  4. Click on an individual section to expand and set permissions: 
  5. Click Save.

ClosedPrevent Posting of Read-Only Fields

An internal property gives CPQ Cloud customers the option to prevent Commerce read-only fields from being posted back to the server after a Commerce action is invoked.

While enabling this property will have nominal impact on performance, it is recommended not to post information back to the server when the data will not have changed since it was last posted.

To enable this property, open a ticket on My Oracle Support.



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