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Participant Profiles


What are they?

Participant profiles are used to create different rules for different user types. Commerce will always generates a default profile whenever a new workflow step is generated. In addition to the default profile, you can also create custom profiles.

How do they work?

There are two tasks involved in profile administration: 

  1. Create the profile name. The system performs this automatically for the default profile.
  2. Define the document views, user access rights and transition rules.

When a workflow step contains multiple profiles, you can use drag & drop functionality to order them to set the profile precedence. CPQ Cloud uses profile precedence to determine which profile to use when a user is included in more than one within a single step.


ClosedManaging Participant Profiles

  1. Navigate from the Admin Home Page > Commerce and Documents > Process Definition > Select a Commerce Process > Steps
  2. Right-click on name of the Step you'd like to add the profile to.
  3. Click Add Profile.

  4. Enter a Name and Descriptionfor the profile on the Document Views tab.
  5. Click the User Access Rights tab to select which users have access to the profile.
  6. Click Save.

ClosedManaging Performer Steps

Performers of a given step are users that fired a transition into that step. A user cannot get access to a destination step based on being a performer of that step unless previously established (not the same transition).

ClosedProcess Setup



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