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Quote Status Is Incorrect


It's important when dealing with work flow issues to recognize that there is a distinction between Quote Status and Quote Step.

From time to time, the Status field and Step may get out of Sync, due to changes in logic to one or the other. When this occurs, it is helpful to find the Step ID.


ClosedUnderstanding incorrect Quote status

  1. To find the Step ID, go into your transaction manager and view the quote.
  2. Once in the quote, Right Click on the background and select View Page Source. A window will pop up with the source code of the web page.
  3. Search for _step_id_value. You'll see something like this: input type=hidden name=_step_id value=12345. The number in the value attribute is the step id, in this case 12345.
  4. To match it to a step, navigate to Admin --> Process Definition -->Quick Links. Expand the List of Steps.
  5. Maximize the Quick Links window to make it fill the whole screen. Now hover over each step with the mouse, paying attention to the link displayed at the bottom of the screen; something like: javascript:openPage('workflow/edit_step.jsp?process_id=9999999;id=12345');

The number at the end of the link - in this case 12345 again, will match on the step that the quote is currently in. You can drill into this step now to view the User Access Rights, Transition Rules, Email Notifications, and Document Views.



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