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Approval Notifications


A major feature of Approval Sequences are the notifications that are sent to the involved parties.

Approvers that become active are sent approver notification emails to alert them that they have to approve a quote. When a reject/revise action resets reasons, the pending approvers are automatically sent retraction emails. At the end of the approval process, when the quote is either approved or rejected, the final notification is sent to the submitter.

Default notifications are sent automatically by the system. The FullAccess user can choose to override the email body of some of these notifications by using an advanced BML function. The return format allows for a Document Engine template to be attached to the email by referencing a printer-friendly XSL view.

ClosedPending Approval Notifications

This is the standard pending approval notification. Use Email Templates to create the pending approval notification email.

ClosedRejection Notification

ClosedApproval Notification

ClosedNotification Preferences

  1. Admins decide whether they receive notification emails. This can be set here:
  2. Navigate from: My Profile > Preferences
  3. Locate Notification Preferences

  4. Select the Email checkbox to receive email notifications. Unselect the Email checkbox to avoid receiving email notifications.



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