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Approval Sequences FAQs

ClosedIs the Submit action with the reason/approval tree intended to replace steps?

The Submit action is NOT intended to and cannot replace workflow steps. Instead, the submit action works in conjunction with Steps to simplify commerce workflow. The submit action abstracts the reason and approvers tree from the workflow so that the FullAccess user is able to maintain approval sequences independent of Participant Profiles. In addition, the approval sequence is available to the admin in a graphical format that is easy to maintain. This is useful for the following:

Steps and the submit action perform related but different functions. While the Submit action determines the reasons for approvals and the approvers for each reason, steps provide document views.

ClosedWhat action is performed when the user clicks Submit? What action is performed when the approver clicks the Approve/Reject Icon?

ClosedWith the quote in the Approved step, when the user clicked 'Revise', the quote did not appear to transition back to the Pending step..

In most cases, this happens because the advanced validation on the 'Revise' action functioned, but the simple modifications and advanced modifications did not.

The quote actually transitions back to the Pending step, but none of the reasons are reset. It's likely that all of the Reasons in the Reset Reasons tab were unchecked, so the auto-Submit that the application performs after the Revise is actually auto-approving the quote and transitioning it back to the Approved step.

Try resetting the reasons in the Revise action's Reset Reasons tab. After this, the action should function as expected on the user side.

ClosedHow can Submit and its child actions be displayed on the transaction?

The Submit action and its corresponding Revise actions are the only actions that can be displayed on the transaction page to the end user. Approve/Reject and Request Approval actions cannot be displayed independently on the UI and are triggered incidentally.

ClosedCan a transaction have multiple Submit actions?

Yes. A transaction can have multiple submit actions and can simultaneously go through multiple approval processes related to each Submit action.

ClosedHow are Standard Approval Notifications different from other notifications in Commerce?



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