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Mobile Approvals


What are mobile approvals?

Mobile approvals allow users to perform modify actions on a quote by replying to an email. The typical use case for this is to allow a user to approve/reject a quote by responding to a system generated email from a mobile device. The user can also provide a comment in the email that can be mapped to a history or text area type attribute.

How do mobile approvals work?

When a CPQ Cloud registered user performs a step change action, a notification is sent to the user. If the Mobile Devices approvals process is set up on this notification rule, then the email sent to the user will contain a unique key in the subject line.

ClosedSample Email with Unique Key

The approver will need to reply to the notification email to perform the modify action.

ClosedSample Reply to the Notification Email


Then, CPQ Cloud sends an email indicating if the action specified by the user was performed successfully or if an error was encountered.


ClosedSetting up Mobile Approvals

  1. Navigate to a modify-type action. For example, "Approve".
  2. Define the Email Notification keyword for the action.
    1. Keywords are case-sensitive.
  3. Multiple keywords can be associated with an action. All possible values can be separated with a tilde in the Email Notification Keyword field on the Action Editor.
  4. Specify a text area or history type attribute in the Approval Comment Mapping field in the Action Editor.
  5. The comment specified by a user in the email will be mapped to the specified attribute.
  6. On a Transition Rule,set up the Mobile Devices Notification. Select the option Allow response to Trigger an Action.
  7. When this option is selected, CPQ Cloud will automatically generate the unique key in the subject line of the outgoing email.



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