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Submit Action Set


The Submit action set is a series of modify-type actions in Commerce that are essentially sub-actions of Submit. The Submit action set is comprised of Submit, Request Approval, Approve, Reject, and Revise.

ClosedWhen does the Submit action run?

When the Submit button is clicked, the Submit action and its associated modifications do not necessarily run.

After Submit is clicked:

  1. The quote passes through the approval tree defined on the Submit action. If any of them return true, the Request Approval action will be performed first.
  2. Approvers receive notifications and the Approve and Reject actions are available to them until they have performed either action, at which time the actions will no longer be visible to them.
  3. When the quote has received its final approval, or if no approvals are required, the Submit action and its associated modifications run.

Plan your status modifications, step transitions, and integrations accordingly!

ClosedSub-Action Set Behavior


ClosedCreating the Submit Action Set

  1. Navigate from Admin Home Page > Commerce and Documents > Process Definition > Commerce Process > Documents > List > Quote Level > Actions.
  2. Click Add.
  3. Enter a Label and Variable Name.
  4. Choose Submit as the Action Type.
  5. Click Add.

    Once you have returned to the Actions List page, you should see your new Submit actions along with 4 sub-actions: Request Approval, Reject, Revise and Approve. These can each be edited.

  1. Edit the submit action as you would any type of modify action.
  2. Click the Edit Approvals button to create reasons and approvers within the Approval Sequence.

    If the Submit action is deleted, all associated actions and attributes are also deleted.

ClosedRevising a Sub-Action (Reset Reasons)

Resetting of reasons is typically used when a Quote is required to step through the entire Approval Sequence, or portions of the sequence, even if some of the Approvals have already been received. An approval reason has 4 statuses: Approved, Rejected, Pending or Ignored.

ClosedResetting & Approval Statuses

  1. Navigate to the Quote Level Actions and open a Revise sub-action.
  2. Click the Reset Reasons Tab.
  3. Select one of the following: 
    1. If the desired outcome is that, regardless of changes or revisions, the Quote only needs an Approval once, then the Reason or Reasons should not reset.
      The Revise sub-action cannot activate reasons or submit the transaction. Revise will always perform only its own step transition and all active approval nodes will always be deactivated. Approval workflow cannot be resumed until the request for approval action is performed again.



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