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Submit Attribute Set


The Submit Attributes Set is generated by the system after the creation of a standard Submit action. The attributes are added to the Quote Attributes List page.

When you click on the attribute set name, you can view the details of the individual attributes:

ClosedMy Approval

A special attribute for the Reject/Approve icons is created automatically when a standard Submit Action is created.

The Reject/Approve icon attributes includes a set of approve and reject icons for each reason that has been defined. If reasons are added or modified, the attribute automatically updates. The admin user does not have the ability to modify other properties of the individual icons. The attribute value gets saved to the database when the Approve or Reject button is clicked on the commerce document. When the user clicks the Approve or Reject icon, it updates the value of the reason the user approved or rejected the quote and also the comments that the approver enters. This is done to ensure that two different approvers are not over-riding each other's approvals.

ClosedApproval Status

This attribute is created automatically when a standard Submit Action is created.

The Approval Status attribute lists all of the approvals that are currently pending for a quote. If the quote is not waiting for approvals, the Approval Status section will read "No Approvals Pending".

ClosedApproval History

The Approval History attribute is automatically created when a standard Submit Action is created by the FullAccess user.

The Approval History attribute keeps a record of everything that is happening with the approvals. It shows the person who created the quote, when the quote was submitted for approval, and a history of who has approved the quote and on what date.

ClosedApproval Revision

The Approval Revision history attribute is an integer-type attribute that will count the number of times the quote has been revised.



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