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User-Side Functionality


ClosedSubmitting a Quote for Approval

Assume that a sales representative has just completed a model configuration and has clicked Save. When a user clicks the Submit button on a quote or transaction via a standard approval action, reason rule(s) should run to determine if the quote needs to be approved. If a one or more reasons are triggered, the quote needs to be approved.

A Submit Comment dialog opens where the user can enter comments before clicking Submit, thus submitting the quote for approval. The dialog will list all of the reasons a quote might need to be approved.

ClosedApproving or Rejecting a Quote

If a user submits a quote for approval through the standard approvals process, and one or more Reasons are returned as True, then the quote must be approved by one or more approvers. For more information on setting up approvers, see My Approval Search.

  1. The approver must click the appropriate Commerce Process Manager.
  2. Select the quote pending approval.
  3. Leave comments in the text area next to My Approval.
  4. Click the GREEN check mark to Approve the quote, or click the RED "x" to Reject the quote.

Once the quote has been approved, it will move onto any serial approvers or it will remain pending until any parallel approvers have reviewed and either Approved or Rejected it.

The Approval History will show who has approved/rejected the quote, any comments left and the Date it was approved or rejected. Approval Status will show who still needs to approve or reject the quote, and the Reason for the approval.



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