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Email Designer: Approvals, Notifications, and Reminders


In release 2015 R2, the feature called Email Template Editor was renamed Email Designer.

Contact your Customer Success Manager to upgrade to the latest release of CPQ Cloud.

An Email Designer template can be selected for an approval email notification, or as an option when sending a notification email for a Transition Rule. For more information, see the section below, Selecting a Template for Transition Rule Email Notification

Email Designer templates can also be used to design reminder emails that are automatically sent by CPQ Cloud. These actions are part of the Submit action set: Cancel Approvals, Reject, and Approve. These reminder emails include:

For more information on reminder emails, see the section below, Selecting a Template for Notification Emails


ClosedSelecting a Template as an Approval Email Notification

  1. Open the Approver that will have the approval email notification sent to him/her. For more information about Approvers, see the Edit Approvals topic.
  2. Under Notification to Approver, select Approver Template.
  3. Select the template that should be used for approval email notifications from the Approver Template drop-down.
  4. Click Save to save the Approver.
  5. Deploy Commerce.

ClosedSelecting a Template for Transition Rule Email Notification

  1. ClosedNavigate to the Process page.
    1. Click Admin to go to the Admin Home Page.
    2. Click Process Definition in the Commerce and Documents section.

      The Processes page appears.

    3. For the process for which you want to add email notification, select Steps from the Navigation drop-down and click List.

      The Process page for your process appears.

  2. Select the Step you wish to add a Email Notification to.

  3. Click the Define Notifications button, , in the bottom right-hand corner of the page. (It is not shown in the screen shot above.)

    The Add Notification Rule page appears in a separate tab.

  4. Select the Send Email checkbox under the Select Method(s) of Notification area.

    The Email Information section appears.

  5. Select the Use Email Template checkbox in the Email Content section.

    Once the box is checked, the Email Template drop-down appears.

  6. Select which template to associate with the Step from the Email Template drop-down.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Click Close.
    For more information on Transitions and Notifications, see Transition Rules and Define Notifications.
    Within a particular Commerce Process, only one Email Designer template can be selected.

ClosedSelecting a Template for Notification Emails

Before release 2015 R2, using templates to send notification emails—discussed in this section—was not available.

An Email Template drop-down has been added to the General tab of the Revise, Reject, and Approve sub-action’s admin page to allow admins to associate an Email Designer template with the sub-action.

[System Generated Email] will always be the first option in the Email Template menu. If [System Generated Email] is selected, CPQ Cloud will continue to send the default, system generated email to the appropriate recipient whenever the sub-action is invoked.

Deployed Email Designer templates in the Commerce Process will appear below [System Generated Email] in the Email Template drop-down. If an Email Designer template is selected, CPQ Cloud will use the template to build the email that is sent to the appropriate recipient whenever the sub-action is invoked.



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