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Document Designer and Conditions


Conditions can be placed on Layouts and Elements so that the content will only appear in the output if a logic statement evaluates to true.


ClosedWhere Conditions can be Placed

Conditions can be placed on the following components:

ClosedAdding a Condition

To add a Condition to an applicable component:

  1. Select the component that the Condition will be added to.
  2. Click the Condition button () in the Dynamic Content Bar.

    The Condition window appears.

  1. Begin typing the Condition. As you type, a combination of literal values, operators, User Attributes, and Main Document Attributes will be suggested. When the desired component is suggested in the list, click it to add it to the Condition.

  1. Continuing adding components to the Condition until the expression is logically complete.

    In this example, the component that has the Condition applied to it will only show in the output if the value of the Main Document Total attribute is greater than or equal to $10,000.

    When evaluating a Boolean attribute in the Condition Editor, the equal (=) symbol only compares one attribute to another, such as Bool1 = Bool2.

    To evaluate if Bool1 is true, put Bool1. To evaluate if Bool1 does not equal true, use not(Bool1) or not Bool1.

  1. Click OK to save the Condition.

    A Condition icon is added to the component in the Template Flow.

  1. Click the Condition icon on the component, or the Condition button in the Dynamic Content Bar when the component is selected, to modify or delete the Condition.

Sub Document Attributes can be used in a Condition if the Condition is on an Element that is within a Loop.



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