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The Content Library stores formatted dynamic text,loops,conditionals, and XSL Code Snippets for use in any document, by any user. In the Document Engine, users can add document elements to the Content Library and later insert these elements either anywhere in a document or in documents in the Commerce Process. Users can save the following content categories in the Library tab:

These snippets help users organize and use the code efficiently. For more information on snippets, see Document Engine & XSL.


ClosedAdding items to the Content Library

Use Case: You want to save an existing conditional section of terms & conditions so it can be used by other documents in the Commerce Process.

  1. Click Conditional on the Dynamic toolbar tab.

  1. Double-click the heart icon next to the conditional section you want to add.

    The Add to Content Library dialog box appears.

  1. Enter a Name and click Add.

    The new item is listed in the Dynamic Content dialog box, on the Content Library tab.

    To open this dialog box, click Dynamic Data on either the Product List or Dynamic toolbar, and then click the Content Library tab.

      The tree structure used in the Dynamic Content dialog box groups similar items together. Items added to the Content Library are automatically stored in pre-defined folders depending on the type of content.
      You cannot move or re-order these items within the folder, or move these items into different folders.

    The other tabs in the Dynamic Data dialog box are discussed in Using Dynamic Data and Complex Conditionals.

ClosedRemoving items from the Content Library

  1. From the Content Library tree, right-click on the item.
  2. Click Delete.

      This will remove the item from the tree, but will NOT remove any content inserted in the editor.

ClosedInserting content from the Content Library

  1. Open the Dynamic Data dialog box by clicking Dynamic Data on either the Product List or Dynamic toolbar.

  1. Click the Content Library tab.

  1. Place your cursor at a place in the editor where you want to insert the content and locate the desired item in the Content Library tree.
  2. Click Insert Into Editor.

    This drops the desired content on the node that has been selected.

    If the cursor location is invalid, an error message appears. Click OK and select another location.

    The inserted data text is highlighted in yellow and contains two action buttons next to it (delete and edit).

    You can also drag and drop the items from the tree into the Editor. Dragging the content into the Editor highlights the background color of the specific node.



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