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Migration Management Overview


Migration is the process of copying components from one CPQ Cloud site to another CPQ Cloud site. Migration saves admins time by eliminating the need to manually recreate components on a different site or to bulk upload and download components on multiple sites. Migration also eliminates error by ensuring that exact copies of all migrated components end up on the target site.

In CPQ Cloud, migrations are done as pulls, where the components are pulled from the source site to the target site. To perform a migration between sites, the admin must log into the target site, open the Migration Center, and connect to the source site that the components will be pulled from.

Migrations can be done between two CPQ Cloud sites, or between a CPQ Cloud site and a migration package. See the Migration Packages topic for more information on creating and applying migration packages.

ClosedMigration Terminology

ClosedMigration in a Development-Test-Production Setup

In a Development-Test-Production environment setup, administration would be done on the Development site, new or changed components would be migrated to the Test site for testing, and then the components would be migrated to the Production site where they would be live to sales users in the field.

In the graphic above, in the first migration from the Development site to the Test site, the Development site is the source site and the Test site is the target site. In the second migration from the Test site to the Production site, the Test site is the source site and the Production site is the target site.

Environment setups will differ from implementation to implementation, but new or changed components must somehow be moved from the site they were developed on to the site where they can be used in the field. Migration is the fastest and safest way to move components from site to site.


Only one migration can be performed at a time.


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