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Before Beginning BML


There are some things to be aware of before attempting to use BML.


Select the question mark in the toolbar above the Script Definition Area, to see the following menu of commands:

ClosedStandard Syntax

You will see some standard syntax throughout the function editor:

function(param 1, param 2, param 3, [optional param])

Example:substring(str, start, [end])

ClosedCommon Operators

ClosedNumeric Operators

Numeric operators always return a numeric data type. Numeric inputs include: numeric literals, numeric identifiers, and numeric functions. Numeric operators can also be used whether a numeric value can be plugged in or not, such as: in other functions, relational operators, and expressions. For more information, see Numeric Functions.


sqrt(45 + 45)

(3 * 3) + (4 * 4)

(3 + 4) == (4 + 3)

ClosedString Operators

There is one string operator that can be used to return a string as an output. The string operator for concatenation is + and its formation is:

<string> + <string>


Literals can be added to scripts when following these conventions:



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