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Function Editor Overview


While there are notable differences between the function editors found in the CPQ Cloud application, there are some common characteristics as well.

ClosedButton Definitions

You will run across a few buttons located at the bottom of the editor pane:

ClosedSyntax Colors

You will notice that the code below is displayed in different colors:

ClosedScript Definition Area

BML can be typed directly into the Script Definition Area. You will want to save your changes after writing/editing the script. Example:

Notice that the bar across the bottom represents the character position in the code and the total number of characters.

The box on the left defines the position of the character based on its line and index. The box to the right gives you the actual number of characters in each line.

Clicking on the Binoculars will call a "search and replace" pop-up dialog if you need to find and/or replace part of the script.

ClosedAttributes & Actions

In the function editor, you can select attributes to include within your code. These attributes are specific to the product family that you are working in. For example, when you are in Configuration, you can select from a standard product line, model, account, user or configurable attributes.

ClosedAdding an Attribute

ClosedLibrary Function(s): Function to Function Calls

Util and Commerce Library Function Editors use Function to Function calls. Function to Function calls allow admins to compartmentalize BML when dealing with complicated configuration or quoting scenarios. This feature will assist with the organization of BML and provides a solution to the compiled Java class size-limit issue. Function to function calls mimic the behavior of a Modify function calling a Library function.

ClosedAdding a Function to Function Call



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